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To be a New Testament Christian in the 21st Century requires training and tools. Attend LIVE online training every Tuesday with Dr. Judy Bauer and others across the world getting equipped to GO and fulfill the Great  Commission.

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and so does the here-and-now. Got family, friends and co-workers that need salvation, healing, Holy Spirit baptism and to be discipled to follow Christ? Training is available now. Make a free MY FRIENDS & FAMILY NEED GOD Discovery call. You'll leave the call with a 9 month strategy mapped out for you. Tomorrow is promised to no one...eternity is forever. Make your free appointment today.





















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Discover how to fulfill your calling to be a fisher of men. Learn to apply these ministry basics in a conversational, relational manner with your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Discover how to share your personal testimony as a springboard to sharing the Gospel with others. Learn to minister to those who desire to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit and pray in tongues. Learn to minister to those in need of healing. Miracles await as we go in Jesus' name




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Discover how to facilitate 10 basic Bible lessons. Each one designed as half-hour sessions to help Christians grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn how to use the Process 4 Progress to mentor others. This step-by-step strategy works in tandem with the 10 basic Bible lessons to ensure a stronger foundation of faith.




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There is a key that can unlock your fullest potential. Are you ready to open the door to being unstoppable? I believe this revelation will bring healing, hope and greater faith to all who apply the principles contained in these pages. I believe this key will benefit every believer. I believe that Unstoppable: Unlocking Your Fullest Potential is a must for everyone who desires a strategy for living their best life. Unlock your fullest potential. Be unstoppable



Join Dr Judy Bauer and others as they share how to be Unstoppable with our latest e-book & video series offer








I'm frequently asked if I help churches under 200? The answer is YES, I help any size Spirit-filled congregation who is ready to GROW & THRIVE. For 40 years I've assisted 100's of Spirit-filled Pastors, just like you, in over 20 countries grow thriving churches. God wants YOUR church to grow and thrive. Click the button below for more information.


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